While “War On Christmas” Debate Continues…

War on ChristmasLa Guerra sul Natale prosegue un po’ dappertutto negli USA. Quattro i casi riportati. Si va dal sostituire Natale con “vacanza”, all’impedire a degli studenti di partecipare ad una rappresentazione natalizia scolastica.
Nel Montana, un gruppo di genitori, che non voleva canzoni religiose in una recita scolastica, ha minacciato di esporre denuncia. Ha anche definito l’inclusione di canti come “atto di bullismo”.
A denunciarlo è l’Alliance Defending Freedom.

While “War On Christmas” Debate Continues, Alliance Defending Freedom Dealt Directly With Several Anti-Christmas Attacks
Jeremy Tedesco, Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel

Each year the talking heads on national news programs debate whether there is a “War on Christmas.” Well, here at Alliance Defending Freedom we can confidently say that anti-Christmas attacks continued this Christmas season. Let’s review just a few of the matters we dealt with:

1) A community college in North Carolina replaced “Christmas” with “holiday” in a student club’s announcement of a Christmas tree sale designed to raise funds for charity. Thankfully, the college reversed its decision after receiving a letter from Alliance Defending Freedom.

2) The Arkansas Society of Freethinkers registered a complaint with an Arkansas school district over its decision to provide students an opportunity to attend a matinée production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” being put on by a local church. Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter to the school, explaining that there was nothing unlawful about it permitting students to attend a production of the iconic, Christmas television special.

3) The Freedom From Religion Foundation challenged a Christmas lighting celebration that took place on the Courthouse plaza in Prescott, AZ, because it included a reading of Jesus’ birth from Luke 2 and the singing of several religious Christmas carols by a volunteer choir of school-aged children. Alliance Defending Freedom sent letters to numerous state and local officials, assuring them of the constitutionality of the practice, which is coordinated by a private entity and has been held annually for over 60 years.

4) A group of parents in Montana threatened legal action against a school district over the inclusion of religious songs in a Christmas performance put on by students at an elementary school. The complaint went so far as to label the inclusion of the traditional religious Christmas songs “bullying.” Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter to the school explaining that the inclusion of the songs was entirely constitutional.

Whatever you label them — a “War on Christmas,” misguided applications of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution, political correctness run amok, etc. — it cannot be seriously questioned that attacks on public displays of Christmas cheer continued this year. And as long as these attacks continue, Alliance Defending Freedom will be standing ready to defend the right of private citizens and government officials to publicly celebrate and acknowledge the Christmas holiday.

Source: Alliance Defending Freedom

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