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Leo XIII: The First Liberal Pope Who Went Beyond His Authority

In a previous article, I cleared up the misunderstanding that has led some traditionalists to blame ultramontanes and a so-called spirit of Vatican I for the “papolatry” exhibited by some Catholics who believe that the pope must be obeyed even when acting against the Church’s traditional teaching. I will now demonstrate that it was not the…


His Eminence, Cardinal Burke, Health Update

Praised be Jesus Christ! Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, With heartfelt gratitude to all those who have prayed for my recovery, I write to inform you that, since my previous letter, physical therapy has aided my rehabilitation so greatly that I am now able to offer daily the Holy Mass. Words cannot adequately express…


Ex Anglican Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali converts to Catholicism

Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester and one of the best-known Anglican clerics, could be ordained as a Catholic priest as early as next month. The conversion of such a high-profile intellectual would be an enormous boost for the Catholic Ordinariate, set up by Pope Benedict XVI to receive Anglicans into the Roman church.…


Remembering the Battle of Lepanto: 450 Years Ago

COMMENTARY: Our world today would look very different if not for Our Lady of Victory’s miracle at Lepanto 450 years ago this October. On Aug. 2, 1571, at Famagusta — the besieged and last remaining Christian outpost on the island of Cyprus — Marcantonio Bragadin and Astorre Baglioni, two Venetian commanders, surrendered to the Ottoman…


Understanding True Ultramontanism

One can only agree with the editorial position published on OnePeterFive about uniting the clans in a single crusade to rebuild Christendom and “restore all things in Christ.” I join the editorial team in lamenting the catastrophe of some representatives of traditional Catholicism who “argue among themselves over minutiae while heretics triumph against dogma.” It is not in this…


Der Tag des Triumphs von Lepanto

Rom, Kirche des heiligen Ignatius7. Oktober 2021 Am 7. Oktober 2021, anläßlich des 450. Jahrestages der Schlacht von Lepanto,gab der Römische Philharmonische Chor unter der Leitung von Maestro Pablo Colinoin der Kirche Sant’Ignazio in Rom ein Festkonzertzu Ehren der allerseligsten Gottesmutter Maria, des heiligen Pius V. und des heiligen Rosenkranzes Prof. Roberto de Mattei, Vorsitzender…


Roberto de Mattei: Speech on the 450th Anniversary of the Victory of Lepanto, in the Church of St. Ignatius, Rome

Rome, Church of Saint Ignatius – October 7 2021 On October 7 2021, on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the battle of Lepanto, the Roman Philharmonic Choir, conducted by Maestro Mons. Pablo Colino, performed in Rome, in the church of Saint Ignatius, a celebratory concert dedicated to Mary Most Holy. St. Pius V. The Holy Rosary.Professor Roberto de Mattei,…


What happened in Frankfurt

The delegates of Germany’s “synodal path” met in Frankfurt last week for a three-day meeting that aimed to set the agenda for future meetings, while signaling support for several controversial proposals connected to the synodal project. The agenda of the meeting was simple: to debate and vote on topics for future discussion, based upon draft…

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