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Pope Must Clarify LBGT Position

(The Remnant – February 7, 2019) A number of traditional Catholic media organizations–including The Remnant–have been invited to sign on with the newly-formed Coalition of Saint Athanasius, which has been established to ask Pope Francis to answer one simple question. It’s an ultimatum of sorts which, whether Francis answers or not (and we suspect he will not), creates an interesting dilemma for the Vatican…a dilemma which even secular media may find newsworthy. 

OSA (Coalition of Saint Athanasius) is an association of Catholic media seeking papal verification that the Vatican still accepts the Catechism of the Catholic Church’sofficial prohibition of same-sex sexual intercourse. 

COSA’s chief concern is that by creating a false impression the Catholic Church has changed its teaching in this regard, some priests, bishops and even cardinals risk grave injustice to the LGBT community, while sowing disunity within the ranks of all practicing Catholics.   

COSA does not seek clarification on the need for pastoral solicitude where gay and lesbian persons are concerned since this falls well within the Church’s clear teaching on the obvious requirements of Christian Charity.   

What is increasingly unclear is the Vatican’s own position vis-à-vis homosexual acts, and COSA believes the LGBT community has a right to know the truth.   

COSA is enlisting the support of concerned persons from all walks of life—be they gay, straight, Catholic, non-Catholic—in urging Pope Francis to clarify the Catholic Church’s official teaching on homosexual actsso that the wounds of division caused by lack of clarity can be healed. 

The founders of COSA are practicing Catholics who accept Francis as pope and therefore regard him as the only Vatican authority qualified to address this international concern.   

For more, see COSA’s Open Letter to Pope Francis at www.RestoreTheCatholicChurch.com