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Roberto de Mattei: Speech on the 450th Anniversary of the Victory of Lepanto, in the Church of St. Ignatius, Rome

Rome, Church of Saint Ignatius – October 7 2021 On October 7 2021, on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the battle of Lepanto, the Roman Philharmonic Choir, conducted by Maestro Mons. Pablo Colino, performed in Rome, in the church of Saint Ignatius, a celebratory concert dedicated to Mary Most Holy. St. Pius V. The Holy Rosary.Professor Roberto de Mattei,…


What happened in Frankfurt

The delegates of Germany’s “synodal path” met in Frankfurt last week for a three-day meeting that aimed to set the agenda for future meetings, while signaling support for several controversial proposals connected to the synodal project. The agenda of the meeting was simple: to debate and vote on topics for future discussion, based upon draft…


The heretics of the first centuries and the Roman spirit

Over the centuries the Catholic Church has always fought the deformations of its moral doctrine on both extremes. On the one hand laxism, meaning the negation of moral absolutes in the name of the primacy of conscience, and on the other rigorism, meaning the tendency to create laws and precepts that Catholic morality does not…


Letter to Those Who are Praying for Me

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Thanking you once again, with all my heart, for your faithful and generous prayers for the recovery of my health, I write to update you on the progress of my rehabilitation. In thanking you, I thank, above all, Our Lord, who, in answer to your prayers, has preserved me…


The Weapon of the St. Gallen Mafia is Synodality

(Julia Meloni, One Peter Five – September 20, 2021) Cardinal Martini Lives on. This is a story about the origins of the “synod on synodality.”   It is a story about dreams—and déjà vu. All his life, Carlo Maria Martini (pictured above left) was a dreamer. In the Italian documentary Vedete, Sono Uno di Voi, we…


Paris: dixième manifestation pour la liberté de la messe traditionnelle

(Risposte Catholique – 20 septembre 2021) A Paris, la dixième manifestation pour la messe traditionnelle a eu lieu ce samedi midi devant la nonciature. Par ailleurs la contestation contre la suppression de plusieurs messes traditionnelles dans Paris (dont deux dominicales, à Saint Georges de la Villette et Notre Dame du Travail) s’étend. Les organisateurs de…

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