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Le prochain pape sera-t-il « synodal » ?

L’atmosphère de fin de règne qui domine à Rome depuis plusieurs mois fait que tous les vaticanistes s’interrogent sur la personnalité de celui qui succèdera au pape François. Le prochain synode sur la synodalité (4-29 octobre 2023) suscite une nouvelle interrogation : le futur pape sera-t-il nécessairement « synodal » ? Dans Le Point du 28 juillet, Massimo Faggioli, professeur au…


Divine Warnings to an Unfaithful Europe

By Roberto de Mattei The two major disasters that have struck North Africa in recent days-first the earthquake in Morocco and then, the hurricane with the collapse of two dams in Libya-have caused thousands of casualties, mourning and devastation of all kinds. On Western TV and Internet channels, scenes of grief alternated with the voices…


Something’s Wrong in Rome

By Robert Royal In the past week or so, the pope has: praised “that great imperial Russia” for its noble culture and humanity (a remark later admitted to be “badly phrased”); lauded Genghis Khan’s blood-soaked empire for its religious tolerance and “pax mongolica” (40 million killed, give or take); encouraged Chinese Christians to be good…


The coming civil war

By Roberto de Mattei As summer draws to an end, Pope Francis’ Synod on Synodality is imminent amid general indifference, despite the grave consequences that it could have. And not even the dramatic and symbolic death of Putin’s latest victim, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has reawakened the attention of European public opinion to the grave problems that…

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