Francis‘ Pachamama Cult Is Spreading - Corrispondenza romana
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Francis‘ Pachamama Cult Is Spreading

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( – November 8, 2019) Sant Antoni Maria Claret parish on the Baleraric Island Menorca, Spain, celebrated Pachamama during a 10 a.m. Novus Ordo eucharist on November 3.

Four guests participated at the event. They were introduced as a “group of itinerant missionaries” who participated in the Amazon Synod and were travelling back to the Amazon. Menorca is no stop-over for such a journey. A Pachamama effigy was placed in front of the altar. Another attraction was a bare-breasted, over-weight young man in a hula skirt with feathers on his head.

He walked barefoot around in the church carrying a coconut oil lamp. The other three, also barefoot, rattled and one operated a primitive string instrument. Judging from pictures published on social media, the congregation was only mildly impressed by the show.

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