Indonesia: chiesa cattolica attaccata da islamisti durante la celebrazione della Messa

INDONESIA_-_bernadette_3In Indonesia, il più grande paese musulmano del mondo per aprire un luogo di culto cristiano – cattolico o protestante – ci vuole un sacco di pazienza e sono necessari tra i cinque e i dieci anni per ottenere le necessarie autorizzazioni amministrative. Tuttavia, una volta ottenuti i permessi, gli Amministratori hanno il potere di cambiare idea, arbitrariamente, durante la notte senza alcuna spiegazione.

Questo, come riporta l’Observatoire de la Christianophobie, è quanto è accaduto alla chiesa cattolica di Santa Bernadette di Ciledug nella provincia di Banten. Anche se dotato di tutte le autorizzazioni necessarie, la chiesa era stata, infatti, posta sotto fermo amministrativo nel 2004. Dopo nove anni di battaglie amministrative e legali, la chiesa ha ricevuto finalmente il permesso e ha riaperto i battenti la settimana scorsa. Ma, purtroppo, la gioia è stata di breve durata per i parrocchiani in quanto, domenica la chiesa è stata circondata da militanti islamici che hanno messo in atto una protesta veemente che alla fine ha impedito al sacerdote la celebrazione della messa. Secondo alcuni testimoni, la maggior parte delle persone che hanno messo in atto la protesta non erano locali ma gente venuta da lontano, attivisti del Forum islamico, arrivati appositamente per impedire la celebrazione della messa e imbrattare con scritte offensive le mura della Chiesa.

Fonte: Observatoire de la Christianophobie


Indonésie : une église catholique assaillie par des islamistes pendant la célébration de la messe

En Indonésie, le plus grand pays musulmans au monde, ouvrir un lieu de culte chrétien – qu’il soit catholique ou protestant – exige beaucoup de patience : entre cinq et dix ans pour obtenir les autorisations administratives nécessaires. Et quand bien même on les obtient, une administration “cyclothymique” peut changer d’avis du jour au lendemain sans explication. C’est ce qui était arrivée à l’église catholique Sainte-Bernadette de Ciledug de la régence de Tangerang (province de Banten). Bien que pourvue de toutes les autorisations requises, l’église avait été administrativement fermée en 2004. Après neuf années de batailles administratives et judiciaires, l’église obtint la semaine dernière l’autorisation de sa réouverture et le culte a pu y reprendre dimanche dernier. Mais la joie des paroissiens fut de courte durée car ayant appris la réouverture de l’église, des militants islamistes sont venus dimanche protester devant ses portes, une protestation suffisamment véhémente pour que le prêtre soit mis dans l’impossibilité de célébrer la deuxième messe qui était prévue ce jour-là. Ils s’agirait de militants de l’Islamic Forum, rameutés de très loin, qui sont venus par les hurlements empêcher la messe d’être célébrée et qui s’en sont donné à cœur joie pour inscrire des slogans hostiles envers les chrétiens sur les murs de protection de l’église.

Java: Islamic extremists against the reopening of Saint Bernadette Parish Church

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – After long peaceful battles and nine and years of waiting, the Catholic community in Ciledug, Tangerang Regency (Banten province) rejoiced after local authorities authorised the reopening of Saint Bernadette Catholic Church. However, their joy lasted only a few hours because Islamic extremist groups quickly mounted a protest campaign, demanding that the place of worship be sealed up again even though it holds a building permit (IMB). According to some witnesses, many of the protesters (pictured) who had gathered yesterday near the building to prevent Sunday celebrations were not locals, but members of the so-called Islamic Forum who came “from elsewhere” to fuel the protest.

Sources, anonymous for security reasons, told AsiaNews that in recent days, outgoing Tangerang Mayor Wahid Halid issued the permit to reopen the church shut down in 2004. Yet, he was the same one who had seals placed on the church’s entrances to placate fundamentalist protests opposed to the presence of a Christian place of worship.

In Indonesia, getting a permit to build a Catholic or a Protestant church is complicated and may take five to ten years. Construction requires a building permit (Izin Mendirikan Bangunan or IMB) issued by local authorities plus a certain number of signatures from local residents and the local Interfaith Dialogue Group. Unfortunately, often local officials block projects for “unspecified reasons” under pressure from radical Islamic movements.

“Yes, news (about the reopening) are true,” a source in Saint Bernadette parish told AsiaNews. The permit “arrived last week” with the signature of Mayor Halid, who will soon leave the post to the current deputy.

However, as soon as news of the release of the permit began circulating protests began, reaching a crescendo yesterday, Sunday. Members of self-styled Islamist extremist groups took to the streets with slogans, signs and chants, making threats in case plans to build the church went ahead.

“We had to cancel the second Mass of the day,” a priest said, amid the dismay and anger of many parishioners in a community that has now reached the 11,000 people. For far too long, they have been forced to conduct services at “makeshift” locations or in neighbouring parishes.

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Whilst upholding the principle of religious freedom in its constitution, it has become more and more the scene of attacks and violence against minorities, Christians, Ahmadi Muslims or other faiths.

Although Aceh is the only province in the country that enforces Islamic law (Sharia), religious radicalism has increased in many other regions as the influence of Islam increases in the lives of people.

Some issues, such as building permits to Christian groups, have been used to deny Christians the right to build or reopen their churches, as with the Yasmin Church in Bogor regency, West Java.

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